Wooden Pen Holder

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Personalized slot pen container, receive box type small blackboard: Can be used as a storage box to put small things, Can also be used as pen container, small blackboard can also leave a message, write reminder memo.

Experience the fun of Do It Yourself, exercise their own practical ability, pen container has two wooden partitions, according to their own needs to adjust the specifications of the pen.

Can accommodate a variety of office clutter, so that desktop more clean and tidy. The small blackboard is convenient for recording notes. The pen container is provided with two small drawers, which can receive stationery, scissors, rulers, and even a mobile phone, a remote controller, etc.

Originality, simple elegant design, meet all kinds of storage requirements, practical and beautiful, can be any space collocation. It's worth buying. It's a perfect gift.

Careful material selection, thickening material, fine workmanship, durable.